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AMD vs Nvidia: Is Nvidia or AMD Better ?

AMD vs Nvidia
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In this article we know all about information about Nvidia & AMD Graphics card or GPU (graphical processing unit). Today’s our topic is

Is Nvidia or AMD better?

  • The Nvidia & AMD is make only PC/LAPTOP GPU/graphics card. There is no android phone graphics card/GPU.

Q. What is the Graphics card?

  • In this POINT we know that what is the graphics card

Q. What is the GPU?

  • In this POINT we know that what is the GPU The full form of GPU is Graphical processing unit.

So friends I am telling you in first that the Graphics card and GPU are the same things. There are two names of GPU.
Work of GPU

  • Friends GPU is the that chip which is RESPONSIBLE for showing any video , playing games , movies , and picture . Finally we can say that GPU computer’s that part which is show the any things on display in PC/LAPTOP/MOBILE . without graphics card we can’t see any things.

There are two types of graphics card

  • Integrated graphics card
  • Dedicated graphics card

Integrated graphics card

  • The integrated graphics card is built with the processor chip card.
  • This is not different card. This is carry with the processor. This is a inbuilt graphics card.
  • Exa. We can see this graphics card in every mobile phones and LAPTOPS. Only we can see this card in LAPTOP not desktop/Computer. Some rare computers have only this card use other only use the dedicated graphics card.

Dedicated graphics card

  • The dedicated graphics card is defferent the integrated graphics card. This is the not built with processor. This is the different card. If we want to use graphics card in computer only computer so we will use a different card which is the graphics card. this is not found in any mobile phones and any laptops.


  • The nvidia is a multi national company which is make the computer and laptop processor and graphics card. the Nvidia known by the developing integrated circuits.
  • It make the every electronic items which is use in computers , mobiles phones , laptops , Tv , etc.Its headquarters in CALIFORNIA. Founding in 1993


  • There are some graphics card of NVIDIA
  • Nvidia RTX 3090
  • Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti
  • Nvidia Quardo RTX A6000
  • Nvidia RTX 3080
  • Nvidia RTX 2070
  • Nvidia RTX 2080
  • These etc. graphics cards available of nvidia


  • AMD is a global company which is known for manufacturing semiconductor devices which is used in computer’s working processing. The AMD was founded in 1969.


  • There are some graphics card of AMD :-
  • Opteron
  • Phenom FX
  • Phenom X4
  • Phenom X3
  • Athlon 6-series
  • Athlon 4- series
  • Sampron
  • Ryzen 9 3900x
  • These are some graphics card of AMD

Q. What is Ryzen?

Note :- the Ryzen is not a different company this is the a graphics card of AMD

Q. Is Nvidia or AMD better?

  • Friends in this point we talk about the differation between Nvidia and AMD graphics card. There are some points which make different both graphics cards –


  • Our first question regarding the graphics card is pick up that what is price of Nvidia’s best graphics card and AMD’s best graphics card.
  • So we know the price of some graphics card which can identify the defferent.


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