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Intel I9 12th Gen Processor | Ryzen9 vs intel i9

Intel Core i9 processor

  • The intel 12th GEN Alder-laks desktop CPU family & Z690 motherboard are going to be chipzillas biggest launching item of this year.
  • The company will not be only bringing new changes but an entire chip design with 12th Generation core.
  • Intel last year i9 11th generation has been launched.
  • I9 launched with ‘’K’’ chip and ‘’non K’’ chip.

12th gen intel release date

  • Intel 12th Alder Lake-s desktop CPU and Z690 motherboard launch on 19th September 2021QUALITY:-
  • You know that intel launched the best processor in past years. this year Intel launched a new product which is A PROCESSOR.
  • Its amazing features in intel i9 processor/CPU.
  1. Threading
    In intel i9 12th generation has threading system in every core according to the processor load.
  2. Threading system increase our computer/laptop working speed
  3. The Z690 motherboard has built with LGA 2066 socket.
  4. DDR-3200 support
  5. Intel LAN PHY
  6. 3 GHz CPU speed
  7. 165 watt wattage
  8. 108 gm iten weight


  • intel has launched this high-performance modal in i9 12th generation processor.

CORE i9 12900K

In 12900k include 16 core with 24 threading parts which devided according to your multitasking work. With 30MB caching

Where to use i9 processor?

In motherboard X299 we can use i9 processor

Is Intel i9 better than Ryzen 9?

Core & threading bases :-

  • In the bases of cores and there threading capacity the AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900x is the better choice Then intel i9 9900K.

Working purpose :-

  • If you want to purchase CPU/processor for video editing , Graphics designing , animation, 3D animation and any other hard work you should purchase Ryzen 9.

Gaming purpose :-

  • You want to purchase it for gaming purpose you can purchase BOTH. Because the speed frequency of Ryzon 9 & intel i9 is something – something equal
  • Ryzen 9 :- 3.6 GHz- 5GHz
  • Intel i9 :- 3.88GHz – 4.6GHz


  • According to your budget , if your budget is low that intel i9 is the best choice. And another you afford high budget you can keep Ryzen9 3600x(CPU/Proccessor).
  • Intel i9 9900K :- 488$(INR 35898/-)
  • Ryzen9 3600x :- 749$(INR 55098/-)

Ryzen9 3900x vs intel i9 9900k Gaming:-

  • In gaming, the intel i9 showed a higher performance the Ryzen9 3600x. because it has a higher performance graphics card which is called GPU.
  • The gaming speed depends on our graphics card(GPU). If our GPU is

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