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Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 smartphone

  • This is Samsung’s foldable smartphone, which looks quite like Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor has been used in it.
  • It comes with an Android 11 operating system, it comes with an integrated fingerprint scanner, it has a large speaker with which there are three macro phones, due to which the audio quality is quite good.
  • Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 comes in three colors black, green, silver.
  • Its look is quite spectacular if you see it once, you will fall in love with it.
  • As the name suggests, this is a foldable smartphone, as soon as it is unfolded, it looks like a tablet, it gets a big display, in this, you can run many applications simultaneously, it looks very attractive.

How much is its water resistant

  • Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 comes with IPX 8 water resistant, IPX 8 means that you can go out with it even in the rain.

How much is its battery and RAM

  • The battery of Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 is 4400 mAh, its RAM is 12 GB and storage is 256 GB / 512 GB, in this you get the protection of Gorilla glass.

How is its camera quality

  • Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 has three cameras in the rear, along with them you will get a flash.
  • 12 MP Telephoto camera
  • 12 MP Ultra wide camera
  • 12 MP wide angle camera
  • Front will get a 10 MP cover camera and 4 MP under display camera.

How is its display

  • Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 has a 6,2″ cover display and 7.6″ main display.
  • Gaming can be done easily on both 120 HZ cover screen and main screen Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 is 158.2 mm premium smartphone.
  • It has a 191.9 mm infinity flex display that gives light like a blub, it has the strongest glass ever, it is equipped with Corning-R, Gorilla-R, Victus-TM glass in the outer cover screen and back cover screen. Can tolerate drops as well.

How much will it cost

  • The starting price of Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 will be around 1799.99 $ USD (133707.85 INR)


Phone type5G, Foldable smartphone
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor
Fingerprint Integrated fingerprint scanner
Colors Black, Green, Silver
Storage 256 GB / 512 GB
Battery 4400 mAh
REAR TRIPLE CAMERA 12 MP Telephoto camera, 12 MP Ultra-wide camera, 12 MP wide-angle camera
Flash Yes
Cover camera 10 MP
Under display camera 4 MP
Operating system Android 11
Protection Gorilla glass
Cover display 6.2″
Main display 7.6″
Water-resistant IPX 8
Starting Price approx 1,799.99 $ USD (133707.85 INR)