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Segway Navimow Robot Review


Segway Navimow Robot

  • You must have seen the mower, often the grass cutting machine is run by wires and they are carried around by hand, but at present there is such a mower which neither requires cables nor it is done by hands. It is run, its name is segway navimaow robot machine, you can run it through mobile, navimow connects to mobile.
  • Segway navimow robot is a mower, it is automatic robotic machine that does not require wires, to start it, you have to tap on Mow and then can start its work by tapping on ok.
  • It has a 10400 mAh battery and comes with a hub motor, when it is running, it makes a sound of less than 50 db, to connect it to your smartphone, the app is used, it also has the facility of GPS.
  • Segway navimow can cut grass at least 1-2 mm once, if you cut grass every day, then the grass will be healthy and green.
  • There are five sensors in the segway navimow, it can cut grass if any hard object comes in front of the machine. If so, this robot machine turns on the other side, you can also clean it with water because it comes with IPX6 waterproof segway has not yet announced the launch in the US.
  • Segway is releasing four models of its mower, the navimow H500E, which will cost around €1,199 ($1425) for working in an area of ​​up to 5,400 square feet, and the other three models with 4G support and a GPS system. In order to support the larger lawn, it will have to have a bigger battery, which will cost around €2,499 ($2,970).
  • Professional service is available after taking Sagway Navimow, which has 2 years battery pack, 3 years mower body and 3 years free mobile data.
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