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Whatsapp Chat Transfer From Iphone to Android


  • If you want to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to an Android phone, then you have to use the application, although there are many ways to transfer WhatsApp data we will tell you about the easy way.
  • You install the mobile trans application on your laptop, after that, you will have to pay some fee (20 $) only then you will be able to use it.
  • Open the application, you will get some interface in which you will get WhatsApp transfer, phone transfer, backup, restore.
  • After this you click on WhatsApp transfer, then you will get five options WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Kik, WeChat on the left side.
  • You have to click on WhatsApp out of five options, then a new interface will be available in which you will get transfer WhatsApp messages, backup WhatsApp messages, restore to the device.
  • You have to click on transfer WhatsApp messages from all of these, after that, you connect your iPhone to the laptop via USB cable, after installing the USB cable, click on the trust option on the mobile.
  • To connect the Android phone, put a USB cable, after that a page will come on the laptop, then you will have to go to the developer in the android phone and turn on the USB debugging, after that the android phone will also be connected.
  • To start developer in Android phone, you have to follow 5 steps, to start it by going to the setting of mobile phone

About phone

  • Software information
  • Build number
  • Developer options
  • After completing these five steps, the developer will be ON in the android phone.
  • After this the next step will click on next, a small page will come on the screen of the laptop, click on yes in it.
  • After all these steps are completed, WhatsApp data transfer will start from your iPhone to your Android phone.
  • WhatsApp chat transfer from iPhone to Android phone will take a long time.
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